Curtain Suite Process Cycle

Step 1 – Knowing More About Products and Services

You may browse through our webpage gallery to see which type of furnishing you would want to have for your space. If you are unsure and need to speak to someone for clarification, do not hesitate to click on our friendly designer “Mickey” at the right bottom corner of the webpage. You may submit online on the information you require from us – Let’s Talk.

Alternatively, you may also browse through our Facebook gallery or Instagram gallery for more inspiration ideals. Once our friendly designer has been contacted by you, rest assure you’ll be in good hands for the remaining process.

Step 2 – Getting to know you more

Upon contact, our designer will request some information relating to your intended space. With this information, our designer will be able to give you a more accurate recommendation for your space.

Step 3 – Material selection process

Next, our designer will make an appointment with you, either at your convenient place or at our office gallery to walk you through the available options and materials you may consider using for your space. A specific date for installation will be set on the confirmation day of the material choose.

*Note: A site measurement may be arranged prior to your appointment for site verification for available installation method as one area is not always the same as the other.

What about measurement and installation?

Step 4 – Final Measurement

Our professional installer will proceed to visit your site to confirm the dimension and measurement of the type of furnishing you have selected. This is considered a final measurement before we prepare the respective material prior to your installation.

Step 5 – Installation date

On the day of installation day, our friendly and professional installers will proceed with the installation according to plan as agreed. Once installation is completed, our installer will walk you through all the material installed for your space for verification and checking purpose. Should there be any discrepancy to your orders, our installer will notify our designer on behalf of you and they will contact you the soonest.

As safety is our upmost priority, all our installers undergo strict training at Singapore Building and Construction Authority(BCA) – Safety Course. This is to ensure safety is not compromise in any situation protecting both installers and customers.

Installation was swift and accurate. Paying much attention to my newly touch up paint, the installer even inform me that he will place protection to the drilling area to protect from any dirt. They were tremendously friendly and sincere. Thanks for the great job! Will refer to anyone for sure – Zen Lim.

Let’s Work Together


Our customer service will respond to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may browse through our Website, Facebook or Instagram for the latest prmotion or sales update. We seek to provide you with the best packages we have install for you. All curtains are made in Singapore. We offer free on-site measurement with no obligation.