Roller Blinds Vs Curtains

In this millennium, major changes are made worldwide given the rise and drop of average temperature across the world. People having lesser time for less important things and spending more on family, work, travel, etc, that matters to them more. Having curtains shade was the common choice in the past and spending time every month to wash and clean has now become a undesirable chore to many.

Where Changes Happens

That was when change happens, and it happens so quickly with the help of the internet/ social media to share solutions and aesthetic design influence on window treatments. The entire industry quickly gets shaken up with massive growth of roller blinds industry. Designers and architect’s started taking notice of the wide availability of material choice and design options, which allows they to further enhances and create a more sleek and chic space for their clients.

Are people using more roller blinds or curtains?


Within span of 10 years apart, roller blinds application has tremulously exceeded shading market by more than 50%. Today’s majority offices and residential, almost 50% of interior furnishing application are roller blinds. This massive change has brought about great savings and lots of benefits for the users.


Roller blinds has many benefits. According to architects and interior designers, roller blinds are timeless furnishings. They both provide functionality and style. They’re one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your home. They are very easy to operate and provide great privacy and lighting filtering to the amount of lights you want. There’s countless design for you to choose from these days. They provide energy efficiency and insulation for your home. Most importantly, they are completely customizable to your requirements without much restriction. Along with advancement of technology, they are also integrated to the family of SmartHome technology available now. Having technological advancement, motorized roller blinds provides convenience to customers at the finger of their tip to control and setup roller blinds.

You have hear so much about roller blinds and there must be some good in curtains right? Definitely! One of the things that curtain rule over roller blinds is the soft touch sensation you get. With curtains, you are able to achieve a relax and cozy feel to the entire space as a whole. 90% worldwide hotel uses curtains for their window furnishing. It can’t be wrong dressing your master room with curtains. When it comes to privacy and sound proofing, curtains are the best choice compared to roller blinds. Curtains also provide flexibility in adjusting the amount of sunlight you want. Click here to visit our store for more information.

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